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Online dating was not associated with UAI among HIV-negative guys, a finding in agreement with some previous studies, mostly among young men 21 , but in contrast with other studies 1 - 5 This may be because of the reality that most earlier studies compared sexual behavior of two groups of MSM rather than comparing two sexual behavior patterns within one group of guys. Free Sex Dating nearest Ontario. However it may also represent secular changes; perhaps in the beginning of online dating a more high-risk group of men used the Internet, and over time online dating normalized and less high-risk MSM nowadays also utilize the Net for dating.

A vital strength of this study was that it investigated the relation between online dating and UAI among MSM who had recent sexual contact with both online and also offline casual partners. Free Sex Dating nearby Ontario. This averted prejudice brought on by potential differences between men just dating online and those just dating offline, a weakness of several previous studies. By recruiting participants at the greatest STI outpatient clinic in the Netherlands we could include a large number of MSM, and avoid potential differences in guys sampled through Internet or face-to-face interviewing, weaknesses in some previous studies 3 , 11

Among HIV-positive guys, in univariate analysis UAI was reported significantly more frequently with online partners than with offline associates. When adjusting for partner features, the effect of online/offline dating on UAI among HIV positive MSM became somewhat smaller and became non-significant; this implies that differences in partnership factors between online and also offline partnerships are accountable for the increased UAI in online established ventures. This might be due to a mediating effect of more information on associates, (including perceived HIV status) on UAI, or to other factors. Among HIV-negative men no effect of online dating on UAI was discovered, either in univariate or in any of the multivariate models. Ontario Free Sex Dating. Among HIV-oblivious men, online dating was associated with UAI but just critical when adding partner and partnership variables to the model.

In this large study among MSM attending the STI clinic in Amsterdam, we found no signs that online dating was independently related to a higher risk of UAI than offline dating. For HIV negative men this lack of assocation was clear (aOR = 0.94 95 % CI 0.59-1.48); among HIV-positive guys there was a nonsignificant association between online dating and UAI (aOR = 1.62 95 % CI 0.96-2.72). Simply among guys who suggested they weren't aware of their HIV status (a little group in this study), UAI was more common with on-line than offline associates.

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The amount of sex partners in the preceding 6months of the index was also connected with UAI (OR = 6.79 95 % CI 2.86-16.13 for those with 50 or more recent sex partners compared to those with fewer than 5 recent sex partners). UAI was significantly more likely if more sex acts had happened in the partnership (OR = 16.29 95 % CI 7.07-37.52 for >10 sex acts within the venture compared to only one sex act). Other factors significantly associated with UAI were group sex within the venture, and sex-connected multiple drug use within partnership.

In multivariate model 3 (Tables 4 and 5 ), additionally including variables concerning sexual behavior in the venture (sex-related multiple drug use, sex frequency and partner kind), the independent effect of online dating location on UAI became somewhat more powerful (though not critical) for the HIV-positive men (aOR = 1.62 95 % CI; 0.96-2.72), but remained similar for HIV negative men (aOR = 0.94 95 % CI 0.59-1.48). Free sex dating nearest Ontario. The effect of online dating on UAI became stronger (and significant) for HIV-unaware guys (aOR = 2.55 95 % CI 1.11-5.86) (Table 5 ).

In univariate analysis, UAI was significantly more prone to occur in on-line than in offline partnerships (OR = 1.36 95 % CI 1.03-1.81) (Table 4 ). The self-perceived HIV status of the participant was strongly connected with UAI (OR = 11.70 95 % CI 7.40-18.45). The result of dating place on UAI differed by HIV status, as can be seen best in Table 5 Table 5 shows the organization of online dating using three different reference groups, one for each HIV status. Among HIV-positive men, UAI was more common in online compared to offline partnerships (OR = 1.61 95 % CI 1.03-2.50). Among HIV-negative men no association was evident between UAI and online ventures (OR = 1.07 95 % CI 0.71-1.62). Among HIV-unaware men, UAI was more common in online when compared with offline ventures, though not statistically significant (OR = 1.65 95 % CI 0.79-3.44).

Features of on-line and offline partners and ventures are revealed in Table 2 The median age of the partners was 34years (IQR 28-40). Compared to offline partners, more on-line partners were Dutch (61.3% vs. 54.0%; P 0.001) and were defined as a known partner (77.7% vs. 54.4%; P 0.001). The HIV status of online partners was more frequently reported as understood (61.4% vs. 49.4%; P 0.001), and in online ventures, perceived HIV concordance was higher (49.0% vs. 39.8%; P 0.001). Participants reported that their online partners more frequently knew the HIV status of the participant than offline partners (38.8% vs. 27.2%; P 0.001). Participants more often reported multiple sexual contacts with internet partners (50.9% vs. 41.3%; P 0.001). Sex-related material use, alcohol use, and group sex were less often reported with internet partners.

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To be able to examine the possible mediating effect of more information on partners (including perceived HIV status) on UAI, we developed three multivariable models. In version 1, we adjusted the organization between online/offline dating place and UAI for characteristics of the participant: age, ethnicity, number of sex partners in the preceding 6months, and self-perceived HIV status. In model 2 we added the partnership characteristics (age difference, ethnic concordance, lifestyle concordance, and HIV concordance). In version 3, we adjusted also for partnership sexual risk behavior (i.e., sex-related drug use and sex frequency) and partnership sort (i.e., casual or anonymous). As we assumed a differential effect of dating location for HIV-positive, HIV negative and HIV status unknown MSM, an interaction between HIV status of the participant and dating place was contained in all three models by making a brand new six-category variable. For clarity, the effects of online/offline dating on UAI are also presented separately for HIV-negative, HIV positive, and HIV-oblivious guys. We performed a sensitivity analysis limited to partnerships in which only one sexual contact occurred. Statistical significance was defined as P 0.05. No adjustments for multiple comparisons were made, in order not to miss potentially significant organizations. As a rather big number of statistical evaluations were done and reported, this strategy does lead to an elevated danger of one or more false-positive organizations. Ontario Free Sex Dating. Investigations were done using the statistical programme STATA, version 13 (STATA Intercooled, College Station, TX, USA).

Before the analyses we developed a directed acyclic graph (DAG) representing a causal model of UAI. In this model some variables were putative causes (self-reported HIV status; on-line partner acquisition), others were considered as confounders (participants' age, participants' ethnicity, and no. of male sex partners in preceding 6months), and some were assumed to be on the causal pathway between the primary exposure of interest and results (age difference between participant and partner; ethnic concordance; concordance in life styles; HIV concordance; venture kind; sex frequency within venture; group sex with partner; sex-related material use in venture).

We compared characteristics of participants by self-reported HIV status (using 2-tests for dichotomous and categorical variables and using rank sum test for continuous variables). We compared characteristics of participants, partners, and venture sexual behavior by online or offline venture, and computed P values based on logistic regression with robust standard errors, accounting for linked data. Free Sex Dating nearest Ontario. Continuous variables (i.e., age, number of sex partners) are reported as medians with an interquartile range (IQR), and were categorised for inclusion in multivariate models. Random effects logistic regression models were used to examine the association between dating place (online versus offline) and UAI. Odds ratio tests were used to gauge the value of a variable in a model.

To be able to investigate potential disclosure of HIV status we also asked the participant whether the casual sex partner understood the HIV status of the participant, together with the reply options: (1) no, (2) perhaps, (3) yes. Free sex dating in Ontario. Sexual conduct with each partner was dichotomised as: (1) no anal intercourse or only protected anal intercourse, and (2) unprotected anal intercourse. To determine the subculture, we asked whether the participant characterised himself or his partners as belonging to at least one of the subsequent subcultures/lifestyles: casual, formal, alternative, drag, leather, military, sports, trendy, punk/skinhead, rubber/lycra, gothic, bear, jeans, skater, or, if none of these features were applicable, other. Concordant lifestyle was categorised as: (1) concordant; (2) discordant. Chance partner kind was categorised by the participants into (1) known traceable and (2) anonymous partners.

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HIV status of the participant was obtained by asking the question 'Do you understand whether you are HIV infected?', with five answer choices: (1) I am certainly not HIV-contaminated; (2) I believe that I am not HIV-contaminated; (3) I don't know; (4) I think I may be HIV-infected; (5) I know for sure that I 'm HIV-contaminated. Free Sex Dating closest to Ontario. We categorised this into HIV-negative (1,2), unknown (3), and HIV positive (4,5) status. The survey enquired about the HIV status of each sex partner with all the question: 'Do you understand whether this partner is HIV-infected?' with similar reply alternatives as previously. Perceived concordance in HIV status within ventures was categorised as; (1) concordant; (2) discordant; (3) unknown. The final class represents all partnerships where the participant did not understand his own status, or the status of his partner, or both. In this study the HIV status of the participant is self-reported and self-perceived. The HIV status of the sexual partner is as perceived by the participant.

Participants completed a standardised anonymous questionnaire throughout their visit to the STI outpatient clinic while waiting for preliminary evaluation results after their consultation with a nurse or doctor. The questionnaire elicited information on socio-demographics and HIV status of the participant, the three most recent partners in the preceding six months, and information on sexual behavior with those partners. Ontario Free Sex Dating. A detailed description of the study design and the questionnaire is provided elsewhere 15 , 18 Our primary determinant of interest, dating place (e.g., the name of a bar, park, club, or the name of a web site) was obtained for every partner, and categorised into on-line (websites), and offline (physical sites) dating places. To simplify the language of differentiating the partners per dating place, we refer to them as on-line or offline partners.

We used data from a cross-sectional study focusing on spread of STI via sexual networks 15 Between July 2008 and August 2009 MSM were recruited from the STI outpatient clinic of the Public Health Service of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Men were eligible for participation if they reported sexual contact with men during the six months preceding the STI consultation, they were at least 18years old, and could comprehend written Dutch or English. Individuals could participate more than once, if following visits to the practice were related to a possible new STI episode. Participants were routinely screened for STI/HIV according to the standard procedures of the STI outpatient clinic 15 , 17 The study was approved by the medical ethics committee of the Academic Medical Center of Amsterdam (MEC 07/181), and written informed consent was obtained from each participant. Included in this analysis were guys who reported sexual contact with at least one casual partner dated online as well one casual partner dated offline.

With increased familiarity in sexual partnerships, for example by concordant ethnicity, age, lifestyle, HIV status, and raising sex frequency, the odds for UAI increase as well 14 - 16 We compared the incidence of UAI in online acquired casual partnerships to that in offline got casual partnerships among MSM who reported both on-line and offline casual partners in the preceding six months. Ontario free sex dating. We hypothesised that MSM who date sex partners both online and offline, report more UAI with the casual partners they date online, and that this effect is partly clarified through better understanding of partner features, including HIV status.

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A meta-evaluation in 2006 found limited evidence that acquiring a sex partner online raises the danger of unprotected anal intercourse (UAI) 3 Many previous studies compared guys with online partners to men with offline partners. Nonetheless, men favoring online dating might differ in various unmeasured respects from men preferring offline dating, resulting in incomparable behavioural profiles. A more recent meta-analysis contained several studies analyzing MSM with both online and also offline acquired sex partners and found evidence for an association between UAI and on-line partners, which would suggest a mediating effect of more info on partners, (including perceived HIV status) on UAI 13 Free sex dating in Ontario.

Men who have sex with men (MSM) often use the Internet to locate sex partners. Several studies have shown that MSM are prone to engage in unprotected anal intercourse with sex partners they meet through the Internet (on-line) than with partners they meet at social sites (offline) 1 - 3 This suggests that men who acquire partners online may be at a higher risk for sexually transmitted infections (STI) and HIV 4 - 6 Although higher rates of UAI are reported with online partners, the risk of HIV transmission also depends upon accurate knowledge of one's own and the sex partners' HIV status 7 - 10

Five hundred seventy-seven men (351 HIV negative, 153 HIV-positive, and 73 HIV-unaware) reported UAI in 26% of 878 online, and 23% of 903 offline casual partnerships. The crude OR of online dating for UAI was 1.36 (95 % CI 1.03-1.81). HIV-positive men were more likely to report UAI than HIV negative men (49% vs. 28% of partnerships). Adjusted for demographic features, online dating had no significant effect on UAI among HIV negative and HIV status-oblivious guys, but HIV positive men were more likely to have UAI with online partners (aOR = 1.65 95 % CI 1.05-2.57). After correction for associate and partnership characteristics the effect of online/offline dating on UAI among HIV positive MSM was reduced and no longer essential.

Believe it or not believe it, I didn't come out of this experiment feeling terrible about myself---simply smarter about the way gay men (or maybe guys in general) place way too much emphasis on foolish characteristics like beards and ballcaps (hint: that is why you are all still cranky and single). And really, I don't believe having long hair itself is the huge hang-up; it's what my hair implies. Having long hair (especially for a black man) means you are probably a bitchy spectacular queen that nobody needs to date. Even in the event the premise is not that extreme, the inherent fear is you spent too much time on your appearance and that's not masculine." That's frustrating, of course, since stereotypical masculinity requires just as much work---we just don't think of it that way. I remember chatting with this scruffy, pretty muscular man with tattoos and chest hair and an Instagram full of masc pics; once we got to speaking, he revealed his fixation with Beyonc and said yasss!" every other paragraph. But no matter---his image is butch, so his dating life is constantly full.

That is perfectly good as it goes: Scruff is a homosexual app, plus it's pretty common knowledge a sizable hunk of users just wish to have sex. To counteract that, I make certain to only message guys who say they are searching for dates and friends. Ontario free sex dating. In case you're searching for those things, visual signals should not matter as much, right? You believe hey this guy is funny and bright and has lots of interests---I think I might wanna get to know him better." Well, clearly that wasn't the situation, given my low numbers in Stage 1.

I stopped looking for dates online more than a year ago because it is simply not a productive usage of my time. My greatest strength is my style, and I am not quite photogenic. Free sex dating in Ontario. Add that to the reality that black men are nearly undetectable on online dating sites (unless you're in the top 5 percent of musculature and attractiveness) compared to white men (who can be completely average in every manner and still fill a social schedule), and it became clear to me that looking for dates on the Internet was moot for me, personally.

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